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Commune Hall

ul. Główna 37, 63-024 Krzykosy

tel. 061 285 15 14, faks 061 285 15 92 

e-mail: krzykosy@wokiss.pl



Krzykosy Commune is famous for agro-tourism. The landscape of the middle part of the commune is covered with inland dunes (the highest- “Góra Konwaliowa” is 100 meters above see level). The beauty of the countryside is emphasized by the forests covering 28% of the area of the commune.


Krzykosy Village is an example of rare in the Wielkopolska Region village with buildings chaotically erected on many roads. The houses stand close to each other and round a yard in a shape of a horseshoe, rectangle or square. Inland dunes are very common in the central part of the commune. Post-manor parks, under conservation, can be found in villages: Garby, Murzynowo Leśne, Murzynówko, Młodzikowo and Sulęcin.