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Nowe Miasto nad Wartą

Commune Hall

ul.Poznańska 14, 63-040 Nowe Miasto n. Wartą

tel. 061 287 40 06, faks 061 287 40 14




For the first time Nowe Miasto nad Wartą was mentioned in 1283. It lost civic rights in 1934. The commune’s landscape is very attractive for tourists. Its eastern part includes a nature reserve “Dębno” which is a part of Żerkowsko-Czeszewski Landscape Park.


There are many historic monuments in this commune. North-west of the Market Square there is a gothic, three-nave, hall parish Church of the Holy Trinity from the 15th century. In Dębno village there is an eye-catching gothic Church of the Assumption of the Holiest Virgin Mary built between 1444 and 1447. By the church there is a Classic chapel from 1829 and presbytery from 1838.


In the commune there is village Klęka that in the 19th century was owned by one of the creators of anti-Polish Hakata organization- Herman Kennemann. He built in 1870’s a huge Neo-Renaissance palace, one of 6 complexes of parks and palaces in the commune.