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Czech Republic - Prostějov

Our contacts with Prostejov – town in Czech Republic, have been initiated in 2004, when the unofficial cooperation between Lyceum in Środa and Jiri Wolker Gymnasium in Prostejov has started.

Mayor of Prostejov and County Foreman of Środa subscribed the agreement about the will of cooperation between Prostejov and Środa County on 18 June 2004. In September 2004 the Board of Środa County made a resolution about the further mutual cooperation.

The final Partneship Agreement was subscribed on 10 June 2005. On behalf of Środa County it was signed by County Foreman Paweł Łukaszewski and Deputy County Foreman, Julian Kempa. The town Prostejov was represented by Mayor of Prostejov, Jan Tesar and Deputy Mayor, Miroslav Piątak.

According to the agreement, we cooperate and exchange experience in

1. organizing and participation in social, educational, and economic events, as well as in participation in European Union programmes.

2. supporting children’s and youth’s meetings especially disabled children and youth,

3. exchange of experience in solving problems of citizens, especially concerning EU conditions,

4. mutual promotion.


Město Prostějov
T. G. Masaryka 12-14
796 01 Prostějov,
Phone: 582 329 111
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