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France - Canton La Capelle

The co-operation between inhabitants of Środa County and Canton La Capelle in France have been initiated in 1992 by Greatpoland Centre of Agriculture Consulting in Sielinko and continued by associations called “Greatpoland friends of France”and “Friends of Poland from La Thierage” It used to be mainly contacts between local farmer associations and youth from both regions. After signing the Cooperation Agreement it is going tol be enlarged on local governments.


County Foreman of Środa – Piotr Piekarski visited Canton La Capelle (Picardia Region in France) in March 2008 together with the representatives of association called “Greatpoland friends of France” and youth from Agriculture College in Środa.

The aim of the visit was to sign the Cooperation Agreement about mutual partnership between Środa County and Canton La Capelle. The Agreement was signed by County Foreman of Środa – Piotr Piekarski, General Consul of Canton La Capelle - Frederic Meur and Mayor of La Capelle - Guy Meresse on 10 March.

Mayor of Środa, Wojciech Ziętkowski accompanied the County Foreman of Środa and signed a document expressing will of mutual cooperation between Środa Community and town La Capelle.


According to the agreement, both sides are going to cooperate and exchange experience in frame of European integration in the following fields:

1.      mutual promotion of local economy, tourism, as well as cultural and social events.

2.      support of contacts between local small business in frame of trade exchange and organization of common projects.

3.      cooperation between farmers from both regions

4.      support of the cooperation of schools and social organizations in frame of cultural and sports exchange,

5.      exchange of experience in solving problems of citizens, especially concerning EU conditions, as well as in participation in European Union programmes.


The representatives of both associations: Mr. Norbert Dupont - chairman of “Friends of Poland from La Thierage” - and Mrs Halina Drożak - chairwoman of “Greatpoland Friends of France” as well as teachers and students of Agriculture College in Środa took part in the event of formal signing of the Agreement. They visited French partner school – the co-operation and exchange of students between schools started in September last year.   

The agenda of the visit was full of attractions. Polish guests visited factory Familistere built in XIX century, castle Fort the Guise and churches in Burelles and Jeantes which used to serve as fortresses. They have also the opportunity to visit ParisMontmartre and basilica Sacre Coeur.