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Cooperation agreement


the Środa Wielkopolska County in Poland,

represented by:

County Foreman – Paweł Łukaszewski

Deputy County Foreman – Julian Kempa


Frez City Hoyerswerda, Sachsen in Germany

represented by:

Oberbürgemeister – Hans – Dieter Brähmig





Mutual understanding and a need of knowing each other were the reasons of creating partnership relations between counties and cities of Europe after the II World War. Nowadays this initiative gets counties, communes and cities closer in all Europe and enables close cooperation of their inhabitants. Mutual cooperation creates a chance to know everyday life in partner countries, exchange experience and realize projects.

This partnership, with a motto „Effectively to future – efectively to Europe“, should create longterm contacts, promoting traditions of both regions, realize projects and activate experience exchange between societies.


Article 1


Parties shall cooperate and exchange experience in the following areas:

1. organizing and participation in social, educational, athletic and economic events,

2. supporting children’s and jouth’s meetings especially disabled children and youth,

3. exchange of experience in solving problems of citizens, especially concerning EU conditions,

4. mutual promotion.


Article 2

To fulfill this Agreement institutions and organizations shall contact directly. Parties shall support cooperation between schools, organizations, associations, clubs and businessmen.


Article 3

Parties shall form a cooperation workgroup with two representatives of each Party. Its main goal shall be coordination of joint activities in the areas mentioned in Article 1.

Parties shall agree in details concerning all issues and conditions of realization of joint activities. The meetings of the workgroup will take place at least once a year, alternately in the Środa County and in Hoyerswerda.


Article 4


The cooperation will be implemented pursuant to legislation of the Republic of Poland and Germany and Sachsen.


Article 5


Costs of travel of the representatives of the Parties shall be incured by a Party delegating its representatives and costs of accommodation by the inviting Party. Rules and methods of financing cooperation of the organizations mentioned in Article 2 in specific areas will be agreed every time by the partners and might be regulated by other agreements or treaties.


Article 6


Agreement enters into force from the date of signature and cannot be changed during its validity.


Article 7


Done in four copies, two in Polish and two in German, each text being equally authentic and important.



Hoyerswerda,  23 April 2006.






                                                                Horst - Dieter Brähmig

Paweł Łukaszewski


Julian Kempa