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General information

We co-operate with Hoyerswerda since The Środa County Days 2005. In that three-day-long festivity Środa was visited by: Rudolf Lichtel – Head of Federal Seminar for Co-operation with Eastern Europe, Uwe Błazejczyk – Director of the Leon Foucault High School in Hoyerswerda and Jürgen Schröter – Head of the Hoyerswerda Town Hall and President of the Athletic Association.


From 6 till 8 December 2005, polish group was visiting Hoyerswerda. During this meeting we made first arrangements concerning our planned cooperation. On 6 December, the City Council of Hoyerswerda made a resolution concerning this master. At the same time, form 6 till 8 December, the Środa County was visited by guests from Germany: Harry Wobst – Director of the Culture Department of the Town Hall in Hoyerswerda, Uwe Błazejczyk and Jürgen Schröter. During this visit a schedule of our cooperation on 2006 was set.


Thanks to those and other meetings, on 23 April 2006 in Hoyerswerda two documents were signed: the Cooperation Agreement between the Środa County and Hoyerswerda and also Agreement on Sports between Athletic Association in Hoyerswerda and County School Center of Sports and Tourism, High School and Agricultural Schools in Środa.