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Farm and Stud "Fjord"

Andrew Wojciechowski Młodzikowo 10, 63-023 Sulęcinek

Farm and Stud "Fjord"
Andrew Wojciechowski
Młodzikowo 10, 63-023 Sulęcinek
Tel: 48 61 285 14 92; 61 285 40 23

E-mail: wojan5@o2.pl



Distance from ŚrodaWielkopolska: 17 km

Distance from Poznan: 50 km

Młodzikowo is one of the oldest settlements in Wielkopolska - it was set in 1136 up by Kmieć Młodzik. It is located on the right bank of the Warta river, to the east of Zaniemyśl.

The surroundings of the farm are perfect for hiking, biking, mushroom picking and horseback riding. Visitors can find here many attractions, such as:

- sleigh rides, horse carriages and carts,

- petting zoo,

- shotgun range

- fishing pond of the area of 2 ha,

- fireplace and barbecue

- canoe and motorboat.


We offer the organization of the day-care for school children. We conduct an interesting, practical program, including visit to the park with old trees and unique excavation.

We also organize social events for employees, as well as the banquets, dance parties, and other events in the restaurant for 180 people


We offer 45 beds in double, triple and four-bedded rooms with private bathrooms which are clean, cozy and nicely furnished as well as the camping site.