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Dębno - Wolica Kozia - Nowe Miasto.

Green trail- 6.2 km

This trail runs to Dębno from the east, from Żerkowo and Smiełowo. Our trip starts from the main road junction in Dębno. We pass a statue of St. John Napomucen on the right and a Gothic church with a Classicist belfry and heading south we pass a former landscape park on the right with ruins of a palace and a ruining mausoleum. After walking about 1 km an asphalt road, we turn right by the information board about the "Dębno nad Wartą" nature reserve. Green trail leads us further west along the Warta River valley. This section of the trail is abundant, leads though thick bushes, meadows and old beds of the River. At the beginning we march through interesting parts of a forest with old riverbeds, i.e. the mentioned "Dębno nad Wartą" reserve with an area of 21.62 ha. Heading further west we pass a small willow tree (over 520 cm tree girth) next to a bridge and coming up a hill we reach the village Wolica Kozia. The view over the Warta River Valley spreads from a hill behind the village. Further on we walk a wide forest road and soon come out to the forest margin nearby a fishpond. We soon reach the houses of the village Nowe Miasto after marching west among fields. We get to the Market Square walking on the Żerkowska Street and we enter the Poznańska Street, where we end this short but interesting walk at the PKS bus stop.