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Koszuty - Jarosławiec - Środa Wlkp.

The route is not marked - 10 km

The trip starts at the PKS bus stop in Koszuty heading towards the centre of the village. We pass the guesthouse „Tośtoki” and three 18th-century windmills standing besides and reach a church from the beginning of the 20th century. Opposite there is a beautiful manor house from the 18th century housing the Museum of the Środa Land with a permanent exposition titled „Small landowning residence in the Wielkopolska Region”.
We turn right at the crossroads in the centre of the village (signpost Januszewo) and after reaching the perpendicular road we turn right, walking about 100 m– we turn left. We walk down the field path to the Valley of Średzka Struga River. Then we get to railway track, turn right and after crossing the track, we head towards the opposite side of the valley walking along the stream.
We reach the outskirts of the village Jarosławiec featuring a new church. We go between the buildings and stop by a modest boulder - monument, commemorating the signing in 1848 the Jarosławiec Agreement. Nearby an old manor house, rebuilt in the 1970’s, we enter a landscape park, pass a manor house from the end of the 19th century and walk into the road leading to Środa Wlkp. and by a figure of St. Laurence we turn left and enter the town at Kosynierów Street, further Kilińskiego Street and reach the Old Market Square, where the trip ends.