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Nowe Miasto - Rogusko - Chocicza

Green and black trail – 8.0 km

We start out hiking in the centre of the village Nowe Miasto by the PKS bus stop at the Poznańska Street. First we head west up to a junction with a ring road (Poznań - Katowice), then we enter a forest. In this section of the forest there are lots of horse chestnut trees. After reaching a traverse road we turn left and soon after, right. Now we stroll in a pine tree forest and after reaching its margin we see the houses of the village Komorze Nowomiejskie. We leave the forest on the right and soon get to the edge of the Warta River valley walking along a forest margin. In this place we head left, later right and once more left. After a march through the forested and very varied area, we get to an asphalt road leading to Chocicza. We walk this road right and after exiting the forest we reach the village Rogusko, situated nearby the River Warta. Here we leave the green trail, which runs towards Książ and Śrem, to follow the black marks to the south, on a path along the railway tracks of the Poznań – Katowice line. All the way we go through pine forests growing on sandy areas and after passing about 2.5 km we approach a railway station Chocicza at the Poznań – Katowice line. The black trail ends here.