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Zaniemyśl - Bnin - Kórnik.

Red trail – 15.5 km

The trip starts in the centre of Zaniemyśl, at Berwińskiego Square heading right towards the Środa road. We cross the bridge on the River Głuszanka beyond the houses and soon turn right to enter a forest road, which will lead us to the Łękno Lake. Here the trail turns right and walking in the forest on the eastern side of the lake we reach the next water body – the Małe Jeziory Lake. We walk into the isthmus between these lakes, cross a bridge on the River Głuszanka and turn right. We reach a small peninsula by the Małe Jeziory Lake with the mysterious stone circle. Further on, the trail goes away from the lake and we soon pass two magnificent oaks (610 and 620 cm tree girth), a bit further we come across the largest oak in the Wielkopolska Region situated by a small village Doliwiec Leśny, called „Piastowski” (Piast), „Dziadziuś” (Grandpa) or „Pradziadek” (Great grandpa), the tree girth of which is up to 800 cm. The red trail runs further in the forest passing a small lake on the left (4 ha) and on the right, behind the forest, there is the Wielkie Jeziory Lake. When we walk out of the forest we enter a broad lime tree alley and reach the end of the village Jeziory Wielkie. Here, the trail goes left and further on right again leading us through the forests due north. We get out of the forest in the village Błażejewko (situated 1 km to the east, by the Bnińskie Lake) and walk the cherry tree alley among the fields approaching the village Bnin, formerly an independent town, which in the 20th century was incorporated into Kórnik. We go along Piskowa Street, then Błażejewska Street and Śremska Street towards the Market Square with a baroque Town Hall from the 18th century. Going further on the Zamkowa Street among the Bnin’s houses and along the Kórnickie Lake spreading on the left, we reach the former grange - Prowent. Wisława Szymborska, the laureate of the Noble Prize in 1996, was born in the local backhouse in 1923. Walking further we pass a famous arboretum of Kórnik on the right (33.5 ha) and the castle of Kórnik, which gained its shape of the English Neo-Gothic romantic residence after its rebuilding between 1838 and 1861. The magnificent museum and a library is situated in the Castle. We finally reach the Market Square in Kórnik, where we end our journey.