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Zaniemyśl - Kaleje - Czmoń.

Yellow trail – 9.8 km

The beginning of this trail, which all runs through the forests, begins in the Środa County and ends in the Poznań County. We leave the village Zaniemyśl by the Śremska Street and at the beginning we follow the red trail. After crossing the bridge on the Głuszanka River, we walk a broad forest road, turn right and reach a beach by the Łękno Lake. The red trail goes right, we however follow the yellow trail and turn left. Soon after we walk a broad transverse road, nearby a magnificent oak of around 350 cm tree girth, and turn right. We pass the next magnificent oaks growing nearby the road and after passing around 1 km, we turn left and further right. All the way we cross high dune embankment through the forest. Further on, we reach the end of the road, where we turn first left and after around 200 m right. Now we stroll along the forest on the range of hills, called Jewish Mountains. This way we reach the village Kaleje, situated on a widespread inner-forest enclave, on the right side of our trail. We cross an asphalt road and head west along a forest. After entering the forest, we turn right and go to the opposite end of the forest to the broad road, which leads us to the houses of the village Czmoń, situated by the road Kórnik - Śrem. For the last time we turn tight and march to the PKS bus stop, where the yellow trail and our trip end.