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Zaniemyśl - Łękno - Doliwiec Leśny - Zaniemyśl.

Partially red rail – 6.5 km

This is a trail running closely to Zaniemyśl. We start our trip from the Berwińskiego Square following the red marks. Walking the Poznańska Street we pass a Post-Evangelical church and further on enter the E. Raczyńskiego Street. There we can see the reconstructed monument devoted to the Insurgent of the Wielkopolskie Uprising and opposite a figure of St. Laurence and the Neo-Gothic church with a tomb of E. Raczyński on the side. Further on, the trail brings us by the shore of the Raczyńskiego Lake provided with a ferry crossing to the Edward’s Island. The trail now runs to the south, but we turn right to the north and go along lake’s shores passing a beach, after a while we reach the end of the lake and the Śrem road. Here we enter the red trail again in the forest, which soon leads us to the Łękno Lake. At the beach the trail goes right and runs through a forest nearby the eastern shore of this lake. Soon the Jeziory Małe Lake emerges on the right and after crossing the bridge on the Głuszanka River (Łękno Lake on the left), the trail turns right. Walking through the forest we reach a peninsula with the mysterious stone circle by the Małe Jeziory Lake, soon after, away from the lake, we come across two monumental oaks (610 and 620 cm tree girth). A bit further, by the village Doliwiec Leśny, there is another magnificent oak, called „Piastowski”, "Pradziadek" or "Dziadziuś". Here we leave the red trail by turning right and after crossing the next bridge on the Głuszanka River we take a long stroll along the shores of the Małe Jeziory Lake. We come to a small beach by the forest and after passing it we turn a bit to the right reaching the Poznań route and the village Łękno. We go to the right on the road towards Zaniemyśl. A landscape park and an eclectic palace emerge just by the road behind a bricked wall. We enter Zaniemyśl from the north passing a narrow-gauge railway station on the left, we end our stroll at the Berwińskiego Square.