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Zaniemyśl - Majdany - Zaniemyśl.

Red and black marked trail - 9 km

We start our journey in the centre of Zaniemyśl, on the Berwińskiego Square, from where we follow the red signs at the Poznańska Street. We pass the Post-Evangelical church on the left and get to the E. Raczyńskiego Street. It is here that the monument to the Insurgents of the Wielkopolskie Uprising erects, established in 1999. The opposite end of the street features a figure of St. Laurence facing the Neo-Gothic church.

The tomb of Edward Raczyński, with a figure of his wife, is standing next to the church. The red trail goes right and leads us to the shore of the Raczyński Lake nearby the Edward’s Island (ferry crossing). We turn left walking along the lake and after about 1.5 km, we reach a holiday centre. We turn left just behind it entering a scarp of the lake channel and right to an asphalt road to a small village Majdany, situated by a forest. The red trail goes left, to the village Sulęcinek, we however now enter the black trail, which leads us to the end of the trip. From Majdany we head right to the west through a small forest, a bit further, on the right we see for a moment a southern part of the Raczyński Lake. We come towards a junction and walk further a sandy road, soon reaching the wayside cross standing by a junction. Here we turn right and soon leave the forest. Once again we turn right and approach the buildings of the village Zwola through the fields, now heading left on the main road running through the village. The Raczyński Lake with the Edward’s Island spreads along our road on the right. We approach the northern outskirts of the village, which used to be called Kowalka. The trail turns a bit right and after passing holiday centres and a monumental oak on the right, leads us to the bridge on the Głuszanka River, flowing out of the Raczyński Lake, to the Środa road. We enter the centre of Zaniemyśl on the Śremska Street, where our trip ends.