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Zaniemyśl - Polwica - Śnieciska (the Trail of Ryszard Berwiński).

The trail is not marked - 6 km

We start out journey from the centre of Zaniemyśl at the former Market Square, which nowadays is called Ryszarda Berwińskiego Square. In 1979, a modest monument was unveiled here on the 100th anniversary of the poet’s death. We head north the Poznańska Street entering the village Łękno adjacent to Zaniemyśl. A landscape park with an eclectic palace emerge on the left, yet on the right there is the Ryszard Berwiński Primary School. The PTSM hostel open all year long is situated just next to the school. We turn right by a restaurant and head towards the village Polwica walking on broad road among the fields. Here, on the 28th February 1819, the greatest 19th century’s poet of the Wielkopolska Region, en ethnographer, a publicist and a political activist - Ryszard Berwiński was born. Nowadays there is a manor house of the Skórzewski family from the second half of the 19th century, extended in the 20th century. The houses feature a plaque to R. Berwiński on the frontal wall. The manor house is also provided with ponds and magnificent ash trees. We pass a wayside cross when coming out of the village heading north, opposite there are figures of the Virgin Mary and Christ. Going further among the fields we pass a few houses of the village Dobroczyn and at the next wayside cross we turn right towards the visible houses of the village Śnieciska. Here we pop in a wooden St. Martin Church from the 18th century with a belfry from the 19th century, a presbytery and a figure of St. Joseph on a high socle. We head right, from the Church, an asphalt road leaving the remains of the manor house’s park and later grange facilities. We end our trip at the narrow-gauge railway station.